Inhale joy
The sweet sound of laughter
The love that only a smile can spark 
The warmth of an embrace
The pleasure of contentment with what's before you 
Inhale the here and now
Expanding and contracting with the flow of goodness,
Of beauty in all things
Large and small, strong and weak, old and new
Inhale the peace of being
Of presence, of pure awareness 
Awakened each moment by a blade of grass
A drifting cloud
An outstretched hill


train 2
Scenes drifting by
Of cows in fields, red brick houses
Graffiti walls and churches
River canals and patches of trees
Railroad tracks etched
Into the ground
Gliding from city to city
Thoughts drift off with the changing landscape
I soak in the scenery
An observer of people
Going about their days
Reflecting on my own
Before I reach our next destination

Words and Music

Words flowed like music
Articulated in melodic cadences
Rhythmic and buoyant
Consonants and vowels
Rising in a crescendo
Then falling to a whisper
Hanging onto each word
Musical hooks of crafted speech
Catching ears with delight
A symphony of poetry
The language of harmony
Creating a bridge for sound and meaning

Side effects of travel 

flowers top

Our vision grows with the places we visit, imprinting experiences on our memories like postcards to our future selves

Our minds expand with each new idea we contemplate, opening dimensions of thought like windows to a new worldview

Our hearts awaken with relationships formed, and soften with loved ones lost, dispelling the illusion of permanence; teaching us to savor each moment

Our dreams flow ever onward, like rivers rushing to the ocean, as we learn to live in the wonder of life’s endless streams.