33 Lessons at 33

I wanted to share some reflections from my 33rd trip around the sun.


  1. Get a therapist. We all need one. About a year ago, I finally started ongoing therapy and a lot has changed for the better. Even when I’ve rationalized that I was “doing fine,” there are always unresolved issues to work on.
  2. You’re allowed to feel troubled. After sharing a list of my woes, my therapist offered me this blunt nugget of truth. I laughed in recognition of how often I expect myself to have all the answers to my problems. It’s OK to feel all the
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A Trip to Coevorden

There are moments that seem to unfold in perfect synchronicity to make something happen. This is the story of my first psychedelic experience. For many years, I’ve had a curiosity about psychedelics, but the right time and place didn’t present itself until July 6th, 2017.

It was the unplanned visit to a “smart shop” in Amsterdam, where we met a girl from Fullerton, a city five minutes from our house on the other side of the globe. It was meeting strangers who felt like old friends in Coevorden where I would have the experience. It was seeing three giant mushroom … Read more


Exploring form
Through endless possibilities
Through trial and error
Through evolution and mutation
Bringing differentiation & discovery
Each individual an essential part
Of the greater whole
Headed toward a mystery
A trajectory
A birth
Of life
Beyond imagination


Dragonflies zig zagging in hidden patterns
Over a backdrop of colored clouds in myriad shapes
A slice of orange, a wave of purple
Soft music drifting through the air
While Mount Shasta rests in the distance
Overlooking this wonder

Crater Lake

How can the clearest blue lake
Emerge from the most violent eruption?
Time and patience has the answer

Willamette Forest

A thick forest canopy
Of ancient trees rooted
Covered in green moss
Holding centuries secrets
Calm rushing water
Flows nearby
Lulling all creatures to sleep
Welcoming the night
As light fades

Tumalo Falls

A stream
Soft and yielding
Overcomes all obstacles
May we trust when we enter the rapids
Surrender to waterfalls
And remember that we are moving
Ever onward

Lake Todd

A crystal blue lake
Reflecting a spotless sky
Windswept grass
Adorned by flowers
Purple, yellow, and red
Sweet serenity

Oregon Badlands

Precious silence
Cast over the Oregon high desert
All of nature listens
Sweet Sage brush and Juniper trees
A pink horizon at dusk
A slice of moon
And constellations
The earth turns once again
In effortless rhythm

Shoshone Falls

Water crashes some two hundred feet below
Yielding and powerful
Falling in slow motion
Vaporizing downward
Finding strength in surrender